Knitting for a Good Cause

I love to knit… but not another hat.

I love to knit. Have for years. I taught myself how when my son was just a baby… and he’s 32 years old now. Of course, this was well before the magic of the internet, so teaching myself by following black and white illustrations in a crusty old book was quite a feat. Some of my first projects were pretty horrifying, but I had the best intentions. After all, I was knitting for a good cause. I kept at it until I became a pro.

I made some pretty incredible sweaters for my kids. These were not ugly granny sweaters – I knitted argyle patterns, flowers, and words. Yeah, I did that. With cool colors. After a few years, I tried my hand at scarves and hats. Oh my lordy, why didn’t I start with scarves? They’re so easy, and sweaters are not a good first project! Who knows. I guess I was ambitious. But anyway, as of this moment, I’ve probably knitted close to one hundred hats. And that’s just silly.

Eat. Sleep. Knit.

You see, I don’t give them away because I’m of the opinion that people really don’t want hand-knitted stuff. Do you want something that somebody knitted? I’d say that’s a hard no. There is nobody in my empty nest that needs (or wants) another item from Mom. In fact, there are only two people in my life who are currently forced to benefit from my knitting problem: my step-daughter, who is almost 12 and quickly tiring of cute animal hats, and my grandson, who is two years old and has a god’s plenty of everything.

This past winter has been hard for my crafty soul. I had a conundrum on my hands: I have yarn. Tons of it. And I have dozens of needles to turn that yarn into something cool… but not another hat. I cannot possibly cram one more unused piece of hand-knit silliness into that poor old hat drawer.

Behind every great knitter is a huge stash of yarn.

So anyway, I was browsing the yarn aisle at Wal Mart a few months ago (I have a serious problem and I can’t stop), when I came upon this delightful ball of yarn called ‘Coboo‘. I certainly didn’t need any more delightful balls of yarn, so I bought a few. Like 20. Just in case. When I got home, I noticed a little pink ribbon symbol on the side of the label. I read it closely and was intrigued: “Approved by Knitted Knockers“. I quickly fired up my laptop and visited the website to see what this was all about.

You know how sometimes you see or experience something that brings on feelings of profound empathy and hope? Yeah, this was one of those times. I realized I had found a very worthy reason to pick up my knitting needles again. Here was the good cause my knitting soul had been looking for. This organization recruits knitters and crocheters – people like me – to create soft, comfortable prosthetics for breast cancer survivors all around the world; what’s even better, they provide them free of charge.

In the rhythm of the needles there is music for the soul.

I’m one of the fortunate ones. Breast cancer hasn’t impacted my family; however, I have known several women who have battled (or are now battling) this awful disease. It was an easy decision for me to donate some of my time and yarn for this worthwhile cause. I joined the Facebook group and was overwhelmed with emotion as I read story after story of women who had benefited from this organization, so I downloaded the pattern from the website and got to work.

Knitting for a good cause
Knitting for a Good Cause

After I completed my first set, I got on the Facebook group to ask where to send them. Most of the replies said to send them directly to the organization – they would stuff them and mail them free of charge. But then I scrolled down and saw this one little response…

I would like a pair.

I made the easy decision to work directly with this sweet woman and not use the wonderful services of the organization this time. After a few private messages back and forth, I got all of the information I needed. She had just had a double mastectomy in December, so this was all scary new territory for her. She asked me how much I charge, and I told her that I would be honored to send her this beautiful pink set completely free. And so I did. With extra stuffing, in case she wanted bigger knockers, and a little bag of chocolate on the side.

Knitting for a good cause
Finished Set of Knockers

This organization is nothing short of wonderful. It’s a great way to put your knitting know-how to use for a good cause, and the process to register with them is simple, either as a group or an individual. They provide patterns for both knitters and crocheters on the website, and they’re well-written and easy to follow. Or, if you want a laugh, watch the how-to videos – these ladies are hilarious! Keep in mind that there’s an approved list of acceptable yarns on the website because some yarns just aren’t soft enough to be placed up against sensitive skin. Please consider donating some of your precious time to help a fellow sister. You never know when you might need support in return!


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